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Foreigners who will extend their stay in Turkey beyond validity of their visa are required to obtain a RESIDENCE PERMIT. 

It is obligatory for foreigners who will stay in Turkey beyond the period granted by the visa or visa exemption to obtain a residence permit. This permit issued by the General Directorate of Migration Management gives the foreigner the right to live in Turkey for a certain period of time and in a certain place. Residence permit, which is important in terms of ensuring and protecting public order; It is regulated if the foreigner makes a request, applies with the required documents and meets the conditions of the type of residence permit requested.

Even though the world sound simple and straightforward but the process can be overwhelming and risky if its not done by expert who are into Immigration & Residency and also the language barrier is the most difficult part of the process for a foreigner.

World Citizen Group has incorporated technology into law in coordination with immigration law expert and our Tech savy through our brand platform known as Yabhubs. While the law expert give guidance and update on the immigration rules and preparation on document required, the Tech savy is taking care of the technical part of the process like online application, biometrics photo and many more..

The expert provide consultation for foreigner on the determination of what type of residence permit foreigners will need according to their plan and reason for staying in the country,  arranging the documents required for their type of residence permit, collecting their records from official institutions, obtaining electronic appointments from the power administration directorate, making foreign health insurances, completing the documents without any problems and submitting them to the Immigration Administration.

Disclaimer: Yabhubs does not represent or claim any affiliation with the General Directorate of Migration Management or issue out residence permit of any type on their behalf. We only offer consultancy service regarding the process according to the rule of law set by the General Directorate of Migration Management.


There are two ways to be legally reside in Turkey:

  1. Through Residence Permit.
  2. Through Citizenship



Residence permit is type of permit that allow a foreigner to legally resided with exit and entering into the country without the need for visa within the validity duration of the permit.

There are few major type of Residence permit in Turkey:



This is permit that are issue for various short term residence with a validity period that can not be more than 24 month but it can be renewed 60 days before it expired.

Who are the Foreigners who can be issued a Short-Term Residence Permit?

  1. Tourism Purpose
  2. Scientific Research Purpose
  3. Foreigners with Immovable properties/ E,g Houses, Lands.
  4. Foreigners who will establish a commercial connection or business
  5. Exchange Program: Erasmus student, Mevlana, Farabi etc.
  6. Service training program
  7. Medical Treatment
  8. Foreigners who will attend Turkish learning courses
  9. Business Investors



A long-term residence permit can be issued by the governorates, with the approval of the Ministry to foreigners who have stayed in Turkey for at least eight years without interruption on short term residence permit or who meet the conditions determined by the Migration Policy Board. Long-term residence permit is issued indefinitely.

Conditions set forth in Article 43 of the Law for long term Residence permit.

  1. To have lived in Turkey for at least eight years uninterruptedly (half of the student residence permit period in Article 38 of the Law and all of the other residence permits are counted when calculating eight uninterrupted years),
  2. Not having received social assistance in the last three years, – Having sufficient and regular income to support himself or his family, if any,
  3. To have valid health insurance, – Not to pose a threat to public order or public security (except for foreigners deemed appropriate by the Immigration Policy Board)



This type of permit is issued to Turkish citizens foreign spouse, minor foreign child of himself or his spouse or  those who are within the scope of Article 28 of Law No. 5901 or foreigners who have one of the residence permits, refugees and subsidiary protection status holders.

Family residence permit can not be issued to exceed three years at a time and the duration of the family residence permit cannot exceed the duration of the sponsor’s residence permit in any way.



Student residence permit can be issued to foreigners who will study at a higher education institution at the levels of associate degree, undergraduate, graduate, doctorate.

The duration of the student residence permit cannot exceed the period of study. Foreigners who will study in Turkey through public institutions and organizations can be granted a residence permit during their education.



Foreign nationals need to have work permits with the law numbered 4817 of the Turkish constitution. Within the scope of this law, a temporary work permit can been issued for foreigners. The work of foreigners in Turkey is subject to permission. Classifications are also made as foreigners who is employed or established a Company.

According to the International Labor Law No. 6735, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 13/8/2016 and numbered 29800, the foreigner whose work permit application is evaluated positively: Can only be issued maximum that can not exceed the duration of the employment or service contract. 

For company owner or partner, a work permit for a maximum of one year is granted at the first application. If the work permit extension application is evaluated positively, the foreigner is granted a work permit for a maximum of two years in the first extension application and up to three years in the subsequent extension applications, if the company is still active.



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In order for foreigners to become Turkish Citizens, there are types of citizens called exceptional citizenship and subsequently acquired:

Through Marriage: To foreigners who have obtained a residence permit for three years due to marriage with a Turkish citizen.

(1) Marriage with a Turkish citizen does not directly acquire Turkish citizenship. However, foreigners who have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years and whose marriage continues can apply to acquire Turkish citizenship. In applicants;

a) Living in a family union,

b) Not engaging in an activity incompatible with the union of marriage,

c) Not in a situation that would constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

(2) In the event that the marriage is terminated due to the death of the Turkish citizen spouse after the application, the condition in subparagraph (a) of the first paragraph is not sought.

(3) Foreigners who acquire Turkish citizenship by marriage, if they have good intentions in marriage, in case of a decision to nullify the marriage, retain their Turkish citizenship.


Through Investment & Real-Estate: Citizenship granted to foreigners who have resided in Turkey for five years by purchasing a house for less than $250,000 and having a valid residence permit.


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Disclaimer: Yabhubs does not represent or claim any affiliation with the General Directorate of Migration Management or issue out residence permit of any type on their behalf. We only offer consultancy service regarding the process according to the rule of law set by the General Directorate of Migration Management.