World Citizen E-commerce

Working with the pride of representing both locals and foreigners in Turkey and all over the world, World Citizen Group continues its investments in  technology via electronic trade platform, which increase the added value of the sectors in which we operates, and offers an easier lifestyle for foreigners and locals while leading the development of social welfare. At World Citizen Group, we aim to increase the value of our brands not only within this borders of Turkey, but also to every conner of the world.

World Citizen Group, which always aims to do better with our innovative perspective, will unify both local & foreigners who are Producers, manufacturers, retailers, freelancer, Nomadic, with company of different sizes from bigger brand to the non-company owner operating in different sector of trade and services, in addition to Our Information Technology Services, General e-commerce platform, we are also expanding to Online Food & Groceries Marketplace where foreigners and locals can have the opportunity to sell & introduce their country local food and groceries to others. In order to maximize the synergy of our companies serving in different sectors and to offer solutions to the everyday problem above the standards expectations of talented and hardworking foreigners and locals living in the country. 


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