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With the challenges that Organization are experiencing with increasing demands on technology services and modern data management, Information Technology Management is becoming an increasingly central interface in organizations. Based on this, here is our own interpretation of the concept of Information Technology Management. A platform that collects and handles requirements from market, Information Technology, business development, product development, systems and management and governance of organizations.

World Citizen Group conduct extensive research and analysis of customer environments to ensures the right solutions, satisfying clients by exceeding quality expectations and delivering projects on time and budget. Our commitment to continuous Information Technology research and development arena is invaluable and unparalleled. This increased value is the cornerstone of ours success in delivering innovative alternatives and solutions to customers.

No one can deny the fact that information technology is the backbone for almost all businesses and companies in the modern era. Progressing by leaps and bounds is impossible without any help from best tech support companies. This surely makes Information Technology Solutions we provide a great deal for your business regardless of it’s size.


Our IT Sectors


Web Mobile Developer

A website is an online portfolio for businesses of any size. Therefore, it is the main interest and aim of companies to invest in a good web / Mobile app developer service provider. From the designing of the website which is the front end development to taking care of the backend factors like hosting and servers etc. We work on open source installation (Open CartMagentoWordPress, woocommerce etc) or personalized platform specific to your description.

Due to the immense usage of the mobile phone and competition to ensure optimal online presence, almost all companies are interested in digitalizing their business and make it available for mobile user on Android Play StoreIOS App StoreHuawei App Gallery. We have expert who are certified AndroidIOSHuawei Developer.

Our work is not limited to the developing of the website, but the upgrades and maintenance are also is our responsibility so our service evolve into a long term.

World citizen graphic design

People often buy certain products because they like its packaging, Go through a website and its content deeply because of the way their content is presented, or even praise a magazine for its attractive designs that kept us engrossed, all of these things are results of a successful graphic design. Companies who offer Graphic Design services know how graphic design is the process of creating visual content in form of pictures, illustrationstypography, icons, photos, etc. to communicate messages. It is used in various fields like advertising, public relations, marketing, designing, etc Every business has certain intangible qualities like personality, essence, tone, and emotions. Visual Identity is the way of showing these intangible qualities to the audience in form of pictures, shapes, or colors.

World Citizen Group provide expert platform that offer a multitude of graphic design services with sophisticated licensed softwares like Adobe Creative Studios. Business and website are too much depend on what you show. Logo designing – Creating a creative corporate brand for businesses. Package design – Packaging shows what’s inside the product. Brochure design – Brochure designing is a process to convert business clients by using alter mediums. Flyer design – Flyers are the best tools for marketing? Newsletter designing – Businesses can stay in touch with their customers by designing newsletters. Custom business card designs – Building business first impression.

Network security

Although, data is a valuable resource that becomes the crux of many important decisions, strategies and business action plans, it also comes with a huge responsibility. Companies have to ensure that their data as well as the data related to their clients and customers remains protected and safeguarded.

Data is the backbone for any business and company. At World Citizen Group we create a platform for expert who oversee the responsibility to ensure that the data of businesses clients and their businesses remains safe. We deploy cybersecurity measures to protect the data. From access control to keeping a log of any changes made, network security is a comprehensive set of Information Technology services that is of immense importance for almost all businesses and companies.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are great in terms of performance and efficiency as well. Via cloud services, businesses and companies have access to everything they need on the go. The security protocols and access control strategies implemented via cloud services are a lot better than physical storage locations.

At World Citizen Group our expert oversee the responsibilities From setting up remote, cloud based storage spaces to server management, cloud services can encompass a wide range of services. Our expert are Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

social media

Social Media Consulting is a powerful Information Technology service which many companies and businesses rely on. Our social media expert look after the social media pages and outlets of clients. From posts to social media strategies, the  control over all the dimensions of social media. Our purpose is to help business engage with as many people as possible and turn visitors into long term loyal clients for business.

Social media like InstagramfacebookTwitterLinkedinTiktok is a core component that can help any business or company grow in the modern era. Using social media appears to be very simple and straightforward. But to truly unleash and make use of the power of social media to take business to the next level, it will require a lot more efforts and hard work.

digital marketing

This a marketing strategy which makes use of emails lead to connect with existing as well as potential clients. These emails often contain announcements regarding sales or promotions. A call to action statement also helps increase site traffic thus reaping benefits for the company.

Google mailyahoo mailMicrosoft Outlook etc are all Email marketing tools which are popular tool that almost businesses and companies use these days. Have a look at your own inbox, you will be amazed to see a large number of promotional and branding emails. But have you wondered who composes, plans and sends out these emails? This job is done by the email marketing expert.

business it

There are questions and queries that are always crossing the minds of business owners. This is where the need of Information Technology consulting services arises. 

We assess the needs of a business and company to determine which Information Technology path would be best suited for them based on their needs. Then we help deploy the Information Technology Services and maintain them. Our roles also includes training employees so the company can progress while making the right use of these Information Technology resources.

Help Desk IT Services

Information Technology support equipment such as printers, scanners, servers etc. are present in every office. From everyday support to taking care of complex tasks, there are plenty of Information Technology products and services that are part of every office. But do these supplies work perfectly all the time? No. This is where we comes in. Offering help desk Information Technology services with the installation, set up, maintenance and repair of this machinery and equipment. It may seem to be a very simple service, but in reality, this task is tedious.

Information is the most crucial tools to any business

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